Two Little Lights

It was not easy to find my way here this morning. One little light on the Clearw’re box and I might as well just play solitaire…or I can put my ideas on Word to hold them for later sharing. Two little lights mean I can get to the internet but it is selective and hesitant. Facebook won’t be longer than maybe three or four message. I can go to g-mail, but the first email message I try to delete jams the computer. Forget being able to get a blog out. Three or four lights is heavenly. I go where I want…like a bird in flight on a sunny day.

Today there are two lights. I guess I won’t be able to blog…but wait…I managed to get to my working page. How did I do that? That is my problem. When I accidentally do something that works, I forget what I did. I suppose because I didn’t really expect whatever I did would really work.

So here I am. I have lots to share, but the kids are here and I have a friend coming by shortly. So I am going to settle this morning on the quote of the day I received from Grapevine via e-mail:

“I no longer pray to have my fear removed. Today, I pray that my love grows bigger than my fear and that my humility becomes greater than my shame.”

I don’t see the relevance to my problems with the internet…yet…but the day is only beginning.

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