I checked that place on my dashboard where it shows how many visitors I have on any given day. I don’t know if there is any rhyme or reason to this. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with my topic. Some days I may be just filling time while Bernie fixes breakfast, like today. Other days I may be writing with passion over an issue of injustice or stupidity in the political world. My numbers of visitors are not great. The most is around 70, the least four or five. I wonder if the weather has something to do with it. Rainy days – nothing to do but let the weeds grow, so one goes to the computer to use up the hours of the day. Done with Facebook and e-mails – check out a few blogs. Holidays.  – too much real life going on to waste time reading about someone else’s life. Those days I may get a visit from a woman in menopause who woke up at 2 am with a hot flash and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Today, Bernie and I are watching the three grandchildren that live close to us. I love summers for the time we get to spend with them. It is predicted to be a chilly, rainy day. Darn. When will summer get here?