Wasted Days Suck

It is good to waste a day now and then just to realize that, for some of us, wasted days don’t feel good. Yesterday was like that for me. Weather predictions were such that I planned my day so I would not have to go anywhere. My granddaughter attended a speech meet and planned to go to a friend’s house after that so that neither I nor her friend’s parents would have to face the roads which were anticipated to be full of drifting snow. Justin, my son-in-law’s son, also stayed home along with his daughter, 2-year-old Vanessa. The three of us did pretty much nothing all day, acting like couch potatoes. In the evening Justin got his dad’s plow truck started and cleared away the many drifts that had formed on the mile-long driveway between the resort and the main road. Before we turned in we both agreed that sitting around does not make a fun day. Justin’s words, “It sucked.” Vanessa liked it. She had two playmates, each taking a turn with her.

I woke up this morning with a resolve to do today differently. Isn’t it funny? When I am busy, I yearn for a day like the one I had yesterday. But given the extra free time, I didn’t use it wisely at all. Getting things done feels good and so does doing something creative. Writing would have been a good idea. I could have found a corner of the house to clean. Service always feels good.

The day, so far, is good. I’ve done my morning reading and plan to fix pancakes for breakfast for Justin and Vanessa. Then I am having lunch with some Bemidji friends. After that, my granddaughters will be home and I plan to fix them a good dinner. My intentions are good. I have to remember that intentions are what the road to hell is paved with. Best to just get started and put one foot in front of the other.