Weekday Chores

I will be doing my laundry today. Monday has been wash day for centuries. It was this way for my mother. It is the way it is for me to this day. There is even a children’s song that goes: “This is the way you wash your clothes…so early Monday morning.” According to the song, Tuesday is ironing day. I never iron anymore. Don’t need to if I am attentive Monday and get the clothes that could wrinkle out of the dryer while they are still warm and hang them on hangers. Wednesday is mending day. Don’t do that much anymore, either. There are a few items hanging in the closet by my laundry room waiting for mending however. I should really take care of these.

Thursday is the day to sweep the floor. I should really do that today even though it is Monday. It needs it sorely. Friday is the day for washing the floor, which probably would be better done right after sweeping on Thursday. My practice over the years was to do general house cleaning on Fridays. The rationale, I suppose, was to make the house ready for the company that never dropped by over the weekend.

Saturday is the day for baking. In olden days, baking bread for the family was a regular chore. I don’t bake much anymore. First of all, I like baked goods too much. Oatmeal cookies baked in the morning would be gone by noon and not because of any sharing on my part. I do bake bread now and then. I use my bread maker to knead the dough then form it into a loaf and bake it in the oven. I have a couple of really healthy yummy recipes.

Sunday is the day to go to church. The tradition in both Bernie’s and my families was to spend the rest of Sunday visiting friends and family. It was the day families went to grandma’s house where playmates were your cousins from across the city instead of the neighborhood friends. Connecting with family was a higher priority years ago than it is today. Alas.

There is something consoling in knowing what one will do each day. It reduces the number of decisions that need to be made. It seems simple. I like it.