Weekend Behind Us

Wild, wild weekend. Our annual fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club was Friday night. Bernie and I were up late Thursday night with last minute items. Up early  Saturday to go to the Falls Ballroom to set up. We were busy until middle afternoon and then back to the ballroom for the event at 5 pm. Smashing success…and it better be with all the work required. I hope the Food Shelf fundraiser did as well Saturday night. Nonprofits hit our Little Falls people hard for donations but they seem to appreciate teh work done for those needy in our community so they always come out for us.

I sat around all day Saturday in my pajamas. Recovery day.

Sunday am, Bernie spoke at the masses at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Little Falls. Those of you from LF know that Jesus himself is assigned to  pastor the parish. How lucky for them! I hope there were a couple of millionaires sitting in the pews that can come up with the last $200,000 needed to complete the building of the new club.

Meanwhile our son, Chris, and grandson, Micah, were here to attend a speach conference in the cities. Micah competed against 45 other young contenders for speaches in the humor catagory…and WON! We had him perform for us on Sunday afternoon and we laughed ourselves silly. Here is Micah’s performance. Be ready to laugh.


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    1. I found the recording hard to understand, too. I talked to my son Chris and he said next time he is going to have Micah wear a lapel microphone. He said that should do the trick. I plan to repost his presentation after that.

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