A Dream

I had a dream last night:

I was invited to be a keynote speaker at a conference at a church in St. Cloud where I used to work. The conference was run by a writer friend who has been an encouragement to me. Just before I got up to speak, I looked at my notes and realized they were just a few pieces of paper with scribbling on them not related to the speech. I was dumfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I asked the director if I could have five minutes to regroup and come up with something to say. She said, “Fine.”

I went off to find a bible hoping that would give me inspiration. I found one but when I went to return to the conference room, I turned the wrong way and got totally lost. Seeking help, I got into a car that was also going the wrong way. Another passenger in the car assured me that the driver would get her bearings and get me back. I did get back but I was half an hour delayed and the director had sent the crowd away to take a break.

When they came back, many had left. As I began to speak, teenagers came running through the room from the church’s youth room, laughing and being noisy. I gave up on the idea of speaking but the director asked me to try again.  I decided, rather than give some theological treatise (or whatever I had decided to do), I would just tell a little bit of my own life story. By then there were only a few people left. As soon as I started to speak again, rock music came over the loud speaker and the participants began to dance.

I couldn’t find the director. She had gone to take a nap but I didn’t know which room she was in. So I decided to just leave. I started to walk out and everyone just kept dancing.

Anybody out there know how to interpret dreams? The guy with the multicolored coat, perhaps?

One thought on “A Dream”

  1. Good one! Did you eat some sweet dessert before you went to bed? I just think those vivid dreams are actually related to something in real life that we are dealing with and trying to sort out. Hope someone with real insight can help you.

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