A Zoo Outside the Window

With Bernie so steeped in his work for the Boys & Girls Club of Morrison County, there are a few things being neglected around here. For example, the screen cover over the window well in the basement in the bedroom where my daugher Heidi is currently living is busted. As a result, a little zoo is forming made up of miniature critters, so far frogs and mice. Four-year-old Jackson loves it. He likes to watch them and tap the window to get their attention. Heidi put in a plank so the frogs can crawl out but it is hard to see whether this is a path for more to come in or for the frogs in the well to get out. The mice think they can jump their way out. Heidi said she didn’t realize how high mice can jump…but not quite high enough. She doesn’t like it when they jump and hit the window and when she hears them squeeking at night. She puts her head phones on, she said.

I told her that I don’t think her dad will attend to it until we get back from the resort Sunday night. He will first have to repair the screen, then maybe Charlie or Ana will fit down there to get the critters out.

The rooms in our basement are strictly for guests. One has to think twice before letting go of the one mechanism for keeping guests from lingering too long.