Ask Me Tomorrow

We were awakened by a phone call at 2 am. It was not an emergency from one of the kids…so we should have been able to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, neither Bernie nor I could do that. So by 3 we were both up, drinking coffee. He was playing games on my PC and I was reading my heart out. Now it is 6:18 am. In two hours our grandson will be here to spend the day. I am too coffeed up to sleep now.  Bernie just finished washing last night’s dishes…thanks Bernie.

Sometimes this happens. I will get through Jack’s chatter and his insistence to help me in the kitchen. I will get through taking him to school and running errands in town until he is done at 3. Then we will be back home until his dad picks him up. No telling when the crash will come. My hope is that the crash will come about 8 pm tonight and then I can go to bed.

If anyone has something they would like me to do for them today, the answer is “Ask me tomorrow.”