Birch Haven Resort at Season’s End

Here are reasons for empty nesters and retirees to come to Birch Haven Resort in the September:

  1. Rates are cheaper and you can get cabins for odd times. During peak season, a resort owner will rarely rent out a cabin for a weekend lest the two weeks on either end will not be available for those wanting to rent for a whole week. But off-season times are another story: Friday to Tuesday or Thursday to Wednesday or Saturday and Sunday…doesn’t matter.
  2. Cabins can most likely be gotten on short notice.
  3. Life with kids is hectic when schools starts and with the coming of the holidays. This is a good time to celebrate this new stage of life. We can relax while our young people are running around madly getting their kids started in school and establishing new schedules. If we have been engaged with grandkids through the summer, a few days at a cabin can be exactly what we need.
  4. If we have friends in the same boat as we are, we can expect to be able to find other cabins available so we can be together.
  5. While many tourist attractions close down after Labor Day, others remain open but are less crowded. I love it when we can visit an historic sight and the tour guides have time to stand around and schmooze and answer adult questions.
  6. Quiet. I love children. I repeat: I love children. But sometimes I like time to finish a chapter in a book or bother with just a few dishes instead of a sink full or sit by the beach and not be responsible for little swimmers.
  7. Weather. The days are still warm as they should be because, technically, it is still summer, but nights are cool for good sleeping.
  8. Speaking of length of days…it is starting to get dark a little earlier which I love because, at my age, I am already getting sleepy by 8 pm.  It can be torture for me to try to stay awake until the sun goes down in the middle of July. I would rather do my partying in the morning sitting at a picnic table drinking hot brewed coffee watching the sun come up than around a campfire until all hours of the night drinking the other frosty brew.
  9. Fishing is great and walking in the woods is spectacular.
  10. The more I think about it the more grateful I am to be able to come to Birch Haven Resort at season’s end.


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