Blog is Back

My son Chris did something to my blog dashboard that put the statistics of visitors back where I can see them. Yesterday there were perhaps three. I think my many, many fans have given up on me.

This is my life since I wrote my last blog:

My son Chris and his family were here for a week. It was a busy time. It is always busy when they come but this time add three kids going on a TEC retreat, we hoodwinked the family to do some time consuming work for the Boys & Girls Club, threw a Passover meal for 23 people plus the usual, cook, serve meals, and clean up and start all over again. They left at 4 am yesterday morning.

I did laundry, loads of towels and sheets included. I finished the load of dishes left in my sink after the Passover sedar meal. My grandson came over late afternoon and stayed overnight. His daycare provider, Scarlet, is next door and his dad couldn’t get through because of the 12 inches of snow on the driveway. Scarlet’s daughter, Shelby, walked him the 1/4 mile over to our house. Jackson walked in with red cheeks and a huge smile on his face. His legs were packed with a couple of inches of snow all over his boots and pants.

I am up early this morning…thought to get a blog out. I really don’t have much to say of import. I haven’t watched the news in a week. Maybe I won’t for another week. Ignorance really  is bliss.