Blogging…I am still here

I have been remiss on my blogging. Life just seems to be especially busy lately. Bernie and I have closed down our camper at Birch Haven Resort, so that should free up some time. But grandson Jackson is back in preschool which means two afternoons in Little Falls each week. Gardening is about done but we will soon be bringing wood into the garage for heating in the winter. Starting this week, I will be teaching a parenting class in St. Cloud. I did this last year and loved it. But there is added prep time into my schedule as well as the class itself. I continue to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club once a week. (Bernie volunteers every day…who says he’s retired?) I am also doing some other writing to which I commit an hour or two each day.

I can imagine if someone were to visit my blog several days in a row and see that there is nothing posted, they would get discouraged and quit posting. So, I thought I’d just post about my busy life…a kind of apology…and hope folks will check back now and then just in case I get around to posting.