Cleaning Out

It doesn’t help a day when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. This occurred last night and now, when my day should be starting, I have been up 6 hours.  Puts stones in my attitude.

I’ve taken on the job of washing clothes that come in stained or dirty to the new Boys % Girls Club New2You store. The resale store will be opening soon but there is yet sooooo much to do. We are right now pricing, sizing and hanging clothes. Shelving has to be constructed before we can put out all of the dishes, books, small appliances, tools, etc. We need many volunteers. The more we have helping, the sooner we will be open.

I am looking over the clothes and realize that some ended up in my basket because they need mending. I thought I’d put together a little sewing kit so that when something comes along that needs hand mending, a talented volunteer can step up to the plate and take care of it. Well, my sewing supplies have been stuffed into four shoe boxes in my laundry room for ages. Threads are all tangled; I have far too many packs of needles, bobbins, thread, and pins – enough for a whole class of sewing wanna-bees.  I sewing machine parts for machines I have never owned and buttons that go back to when Bernie was a kid. I spent an hour sorting and tossing and ended up with a neat little kit for the store and one shoe-box size container of supplies for me.

That was all before 5 am. Time for a nap.