Dealing with the Enemy

I have been a bit obsessed over the president’s decision to trade five Guantonimo prisoners for one American POW. Much has been said and written and I am learning so much about American foreign practice as it relates to war…as opposed to policy, that is. While some concerns have been valid, in my view, I have been stunned by those who suggest that the life of Bowe Bergdahl was not worth saving. These people worship a different God than I do.

I am still learning as more facts come out, as more opinions are thrown around, and as more reflection is being done. I think it is a key moment for America. It isn’t that the event is so unique…it has been duplicated hundreds of times in our history, but because it is so public. Like just about everything since the digital age took over, we know more about what is happening in our government than ever before. There is no more a place to call “behind the scenes”. What was once conveniently hidden, is now front page for all to see and judge. Of course, there are always people who will judge without being bothered by facts.

This morning I read the following article. I hate to do this again…send a link as a substitute for a blog…but I am so impressed with this POW’s father. Imagine, dealing with the capture of your son by trying to understand the enemy rather than seek to bomb them to smitherines.