Extreme Weather

Day two of greeting the sun. This is really a one-sided conversation. I show up, but she hides.

While the weather outside my door is hardly extreme this morning, the extremes in weather of recent years came to my mind. Droughts are longer lasting, floods and fires in some areas have become so common as to be an expected happenstance of seasons like mosquitoes in Minnesota. Winds are more abusive than ever.

So I thought this morning, perhaps this is how the earth takes care of itself when it is wounded or diseased. Self-healing, like blood rushing to our shin when we bump it on the bed frame causing swelling and bruising. Like fluids running out our nose to rid us of foriegn invaders.

We don’t like these weather extremes because they sometimes cause us pain or inconvenience. Like the bruised leg and the runny nose we have to work with it. Keep it from getting us down. Chicken soup, cold compresses, lots of vitamin C…whatever it takes.