Faith and Atheism

On Facebook today, a reflection on the new movie, God’s Not Dead. This sent me into thinking about faith. Somewhere in my upbringing, I was told that faith is a gift. My own faith is what enables me to live a joyful life in spite of the troubles I witness day by day. I sense a Higher Power at work as I see amazing bravery, incredible acts of love, people changing their lives for the better and the healing of relationships. My faith is interwoven with hope, hope in the inate goodness of human beings. I sense a plan. I want to believe there is one.

I have been given this gift of faith and I am so grateful. When I meet someone who claims to be an athiest, I hope that they have faith of some kind. I mean, unless one has some faith, how could one dare s step out the door? Is atheism another form of religion, with a set of beliefs? Do athiests simply have a different way of explaining those things we don’t understand? I don’t really know. But faith is a gift and how dare I judge a person who  has no faith. If anything, I should be judging God for not giving this gift to everyone.