Forgiveness to Joy

Sometimes I like to share a piece from one of the daily reflection books I read each morning. This one is from “The Promise of a New Day” put out by Hazelden.

“Our progress along the path of human growth is measurable by the exercise we encourage of the of our forgiving spirit. Each time we harbor resentment toward another, we block our own spiritual growth…The act of forgiveness lightens whatever burden we may be carrying. Forgiveness heals the soul; it energizes the spirit. It makes possible our forward movement once again.”

With Thanksgiving coming, I pray for all who have heavy hearts because of past hurts that these will move toward healing. The passage above has proven absolutely true in my life. Resentment stunted my spiritual growth, forgiveness opened the path before me to grow, and reconciliation has brought joy into my life that I never could have imagined.

Resentments still pop up now and then, but I know now to move toward forgiveness as soon as I am aware. I have been given tools that assist me with reconciliation and I try to put them to use as soon as I see an opening. So, I am never too far from Joy.