Friendship is Weird

My granddaughter, Alissa,  posted  this quote on Facebook this morning:

Friendship is weird
You pick a human you’ve met and you like,
“yup I like this one,”
and you just do stuff with them.

Years ago I met an elderly sage.
I spoke to with him about the heaviness in my heart.
He seemed to see beneath my words my loneliness.
He said to me, “You need kindred spirits in your life.”
He was right. But I was not ready.
It took many years before I was able to open myself up to the kind of friendship he was talking about.
These are people whose inner selves seem to link with that true self that is in me.
They bring out what is best in me.
They all me to account,
most often with a sense of humor.
They accept me as I am without expecting me to be like them.
They honor the changes in me as I walk my journey.
It is a mystery, weird as the quote above suggests.
It gives me pause, a thought worthy of meditation.

For all my kindred spirits, especially the weird ones, I am truly grateful today.