Giving and Receiving

I am home from my retreat, grateful that my car started after sitting in the bitter cold for three days.

Now I am off and running for my annual project of gathering donations for the Boys & Girls Club fundraiser in March. I am desperately looking for helpers. It is funny that in the package of this whole responsibility, the part that people are most afraid of is the asking for donations. But, of course, I am asking for donations for a cause that is very worthy. And people are willing.

But, while asking, I find it really fun to schmooze with business owners. It makes me feel grounded in our town. I love telling them about the club and learning about their beliefs. I always ask them how business is going and how grateful I am for their successes.

Funny, even asking from others can provide an opportunity to give to them. There is something spiritual about that.

I have a dear friend whom I happened to be with on the weekend, a man in his 80’s who was a very successful business man. He does two kinds of volunteer work now. He visits inmates in his local jail and he serves food samples in a local grocery store. Concerning the latter, he says, when people take of the samples he prays for them and considers what he is doing the same as sharing the Eucharist.

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  1. It’s so evident to see that you get loads of joy from giving and helping others in need. It’s done unselfishly and unconditionally. That’s a rare gift. Bless you dear cousin.

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