Going with the Flow – Getting Nowhere

It has been a almost a week since we returned home from our travels. I am still having trouble getting back to what I think is normal. I thought that yesterday I was caught up on my sleep just to find myself napping three times. I thought I was back to normal eating, just to find myself eating more between meals that eating meals. I thought I caught up with my laundry only to find the sheets and pillow cases piled up in the basement from the guests we had before our trip…and forgot about. I thought I could get back into the swing of writing just to find myself distracted when I open the computer by the e-mails and such that I neglected while we were gone.

I am trying to follow the wisdom of the book I am reading right now – The Wisdom to know the Difference – and go with the flow even if it feels like someone dammed up the stream and I am going nowhere.

Tonight we are going to a performance by Paula Poundstone. If that doesn’t change my mood, nothing will.