Inside me, O Lord

I don’t feel inspired to write.
I don’t feel inspired, period.
I wish I could say otherwise as Christmas is soon upon us.
Perhaps I am feeling gray as many are with the sun hidden on most days.
Perhaps I have my days too full of non-inspiring activities.
Perhaps I am allowing  the events of our troubled world to occupy to much of my mind.
Perhaps we should have put up a tree even if noone will come to see it.

Here is what really bothers me:
As I go about my days, encountering folks face-to-face,
by phone or via one of those other connects of our day,
I wonder about the spirit I bring into my moments.
When I pray in the morning,
I have a mantra of sorts and the last phrase is this:
“Inside me, O Lord”,
and as say those words,
I try to picture myself going into my day
and hope that what I carry with me is the Love of God.

Well, I am not sure that is what I bring these days.

4 thoughts on “Inside me, O Lord”

  1. Come South…Pretty nice here in Alabama. Otherwise Christmas is also a struggle here. I find that it is way to materialistic. Son Carl asked if we were coming home for Christmas and I said “No, Christmas is not that important to us” . I’m afraid he was offended because he said “Well it is for us!” Yet I know that those children get way too much “stuff” and everything they want, and seems to be quite greedy to me instead of more spiritual. I’d prefer to have it quiet and homey and just listen to Christmas music. I’m sorry you are lacking your inspiration. HUGS!

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