It is all good

I am at my daughter’ home in northern Minnesota. Birch Haven Resort, Tenstrike Mn. Not everyone has a whole web site dedicated to the place where they live ( I am “babysitting” her two girls, Maddie and Emma. Maddie is out of high school and Emma is soon to be 16. They don’t really need me, but I am here and it is a great time for me to spend time with them…whatever time they happen to be home. I will be attending a couple of basketball games and a spaghetti dinner at Emma’s school and Maddie and I are planning to go to a movie one night. When grandchildren are far away, these are the kinds of things we miss.

I have accumulated a few friends in the area over the years that Kate and Jerry have owned the resort. I will be spending time with them, also. Kate has asked me to attend a business meeting in her place. I have no clue what is to do, but it involves a lunch at a nice restaurant, so I am game.

As for the rest of my time here, I plan to “retreat”. Do some reading and writing and some crafting. Kate wants me to crochet a Cabbage Patch wig using a pattern she got off the internet. I looked at the pattern…very manageable. And I bought an etching project at a craft store. I don’t care about the finished product but it looks like a peaceful thing to do.

Other than showing up for the girls, my one duty in the house is to run water in the kitchen and bathrooms and flush the toilets as soon as I get up in the morning. Keep the pipes from freezing. If one freezes, Jerry showed me how to shut the water off…then call his son Justin.

“It is all good,” as Jerry would say.

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  1. I think it’s so great that you have a loving relationship with those girls. It’s obvious that you have nurtured them and they have respect for you. I believe that comes from unconditional love and quality time given. We are growing God’s kingdom. Enjoy your special time. You just might get snowed in with them. Hee hee,

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