Lazy blogging

I feel I have been neglecting my blog lately. I don’t post every day as I did the 365 days of my first year. I don’t seem to be inclined to expound my opinion about politics nor am I having any notable spiritual insights. Strange, there is an election coming up. There are wars happening every day. Am I bored? Am I losing hope? Is my little candle of faith almost out?

It does seem that my opinions don’t matter much in the great scheme of things. Opinions that I think have merit are expressed by others before I can put word to them. That sort of gets me off the hook, doesn’t it? Someone else is out there in the trenches fighting life’s battles. There comes a time when one can sit back and let the younger folks do the arguing. They sure are good at it. I love watching my grandchildren and nieces and nephews lay it out there. Sometimes they take opposing sides, but they manage to come out the other end shaking hands.

Today, Bernie wants me to clean a toilet that was donated for the new Boys & Girls Club. Then I think I will take a nap. I will have some leftover chicken soup for lunch. A neighbor stopped by this morning for a visit and a friend called and said she wants to stop by on her way home from work this afternoon.

So what is there to get ruffled about? Nothing that I know of.