Life – An Adventure

One of the things that can be an advantage about living to the age of seventy is that you  see enough “two steps forward, one step back” that you don’t think two steps forward is impossible. And you don’t think that one step back is the end of the world.”

Elizabeth (Betitta) Martinez

I love this quote from Cathleen Rountree’s book On Women Turning 70. I want my family members to see it so they understand why I may not get as rattled over problems as they think I should. This perspective allows me to believe in growth and change. I have learned that the best growing comes out of the life’s worst troubles. Like recovery from natural dissasters, it can bring out the best in people. I can rejoice when I see the fruits of progress even as I know that plateau of serenity and joy will pass in time. In fact, I am learning to treasure the littlest of pleasures even more when I know it will be replaced by its opposite one day.

My mother was known to say, when she was about to walk into something new and even fearsome, “Think of it as an adventure”. The adventures my mother had included a long struggle with depresssion and alcoholism, throat cancer, surgery, losing her ability to speak, though she’d once been an inspirational speaker. She lost her ability to eat through her mouth. separation from family and her support group of sober friends. Yet, she maintained an attitude of gratitude and continued her sense of adventure about life.

I miss her today.

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