Facebook and Face-to-Face – Meanderings

My son Chris put together a YouTube video about blogging. He did it in the format of an interview. It was loads of fun. View it here:

During the interview he commented on my diligence in that I wrote every day faithfully for a year. This was my commitment when I set out on my blogging adventure.

But as I took credit for my diligence, I had to snicker inside for some of the blogs I put out on days when I really had nothing to say. I don’t get them much any more, but I used to get in my e-mails lists of jokes or profound sayings, such as funny things said by children, or words spoken about he travails of getting old. I saved these and on days when my mind was blank of ideas, I would look over these lists and throw a few out as my blog for that day.

I don’t get these in my e-mail any more. Facebook is the place now. Friends and family are always throwing out words of wisdom or humor neatly packaged and framed in miniature posters. If someone finds one of these appealing, they can “share” it and it gets posted again (twice for some reason) for their friends. If I am this person’s friend, I get to see the quip several times on my Facebook as I scroll down.

There are also the numerous videos that are sometimes of interest, sometimes not. Not all come from friends or family. Some…I don’t know why I get them. Some…I wish would not come because they just clutter my Facebook page and make it hard for me to find things.

Needless to say, Facebook is getting messier as the days go by. I still appreciate the discussions, especially when my own family members are interacting. It feels like the arguments around the campfire at our last family reunion. I guess I have to take the bad with the good.

I started this blog with the goal of sharing some wisdom I heard in real life, but got terribly detoured into this commentary on the corruption of Facebook. Wow. Where a tired mind wanders!

In spite of my detour, I will share a few quotes from friends of mine. These are words spoken by these friend “in the flesh”, not on Facebook, not written, but actually spoken words coming out of their mouths when we were face-to-face, physically present to each other:

“I realized I don’t have to go to every argument that I am invited to today.”

“I think I was afraid of dying because I hadn’t yet lived.”

“It is what it is because it ain’t what it ain’t.”