Mother Teresa and Political Involvement

I get a lot of information via Facebook and e-mail about politics. All of it is biased in the direction of the beliefs I already hold. It comes in the form of requests for monetary support, requests for me to add my name to a petition to support or fight a particular piece of legislation, or attacks against those who hold an opposing view. I have grown weary of these and have begun deleting them before I even read them. I heard a TV commentator say recently that just like the internet’s ability to figure out what kinds of products we might be tempted to buy, it can figure out our religious or political bents and feed us what we are inclined to support. As a result, we are each getting more entrenched in the beliefs we already have. The extremes are getting more extreme. We are becoming a less informed citizenry rather than more informed.

This isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes add my name to a petition but it is likely to concern an issue I supported long before any of the current legislators ever came to Washington. But mostly, I ignore the stuff that used to get me riled or discouraged. I am losing my faith in the system to achieve much of anything…and I don’t blame any particular pilosophy, political party, person, or administration.

This morning I read a comment by Mother Teresa that helps me understand this strange place in which I find myself. Someone challenged her for speaking for peace yet not engaging in any peace organization or in any political movement. Here is the quote:

“”Whereas you work to bring about peace, why is it you do not work,’ they ask, ‘to lessen war? If you are working for peace, that peace lessens war.’  But I won’t mix in politics. War is the fruit of politics, and so I don’t involve myself, that’s all. If I get stuck in politics, I will stop loving. Because I will have to stand by one, and not by all. That is the difference.”

I am grateful to have read this little piece of wisdom this morning. It expresses where my path seems to be going.

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