Mother’s Day – Charlie and the Camera

Rainy but the temperatures are comfy. I wonder if we will see real heat this summer. I am not fond of hot days. Once it hits 80, it has gone too far. But I do like it when the lake’s water becomes comfortable for the children – better than blue legs.

The hummingbirds have returned along with the orioles. Yesterday, Mother’s Day, we sat outside, my daughter Heidi and I, watching the kids enjoy the woods. Twelve-year-old Charlie was let loose with her camera and he took some amazing nature pictures. She reminded me of the cameraman after whom he was named…my dad. It warmed my heart to watch him and his joy over what he’d captured.

As we sat at a supper of bbq ribs and Bernie’s homemade potato salad, I used the word “preteen” for Charlie. He said that he had no intention of becoming a teenager. At first I thought this rather strange for him to say. But then I realized that he was saying that he has no intention of becoming one of those people who act like teens are known to act. I thought about some of the physical changes we can  expect to see in him in the next few years. Can’t avoid that, Charlie. But if you can have enough consciousness to be aware of emotions and thoughts and not react as teens often do to peers and adults in their lives…well, I am for that.

As for me, I was never able to leap a stage of development no matter how conscious I thought I was.  But I love Charlie for saying it.