One of my daughters has moved back home, an interim arrangement as she waits for an apartment to open up in July. Our garage and a portion of our shed are full of her stuff. Yesterday I went with her to scoop up the few things left in the house and finish the cleaning. I have been down this road before. Bernie and I have moved 7 times in our 49 years and each time I left a clean place for the folks that would follow us. Often there was cleaning to do in the home to receive us as well. Add to that all the sorting and packing and transporting and unpacking…yikes! Why would we ever do this on purpose?

I don’t plan to move again. The next time this house gets cleared out is when our kids put it up for sale after we die. Then they can plow through all of our stuff just as we had to do to theirs over the years. Heck, some of their stuff is still here!

One thought on “Moving”

  1. I am just like you when it comes to the moving process and cleaning. It has been my pleasure to help friends and family move many many times and have always gone above and beyond with the cleaning too. To some, it may seem like a chore; but I think of it as paying it forward. Many of my dear friends have helped me move in the past as well.

    At the end of the day Judy, I think it’s your loving spirit that compels you to help your friends and family. You go girl!

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