No visitors lately. I hope this is because the weather is finally getting springy and folks are out enjoying the beauty of nature and playing with their families. It is a good time to get controversial. But I am not in the mood today.

I carry a little notebook in my purse in which I make notes as I go about my days. I write down the names of books or movies that people recommend. I have an on-going agenda of things I need or want to do. I put in it things people say that I want to remember. Today, in the car driving home from the resort, I paged through the notebook that is getting raggy and needs to be replaced. I came across a few quotes that I will share here so that I don’t have to keep the notebook pages any more:

“I think I was afraid of dying because I hadn’t yet lived.” (A friend)

“I let a Facebook friend go – not because she posted religious or political stuff, but because her comments were full of fear and anger.”

“People of age should have an eagle’s view, seeing trends, watching extremes collapse, noting cycles ¬†that come around again and again, seeing the pendulum swing.”

“Rarely do our fears become a reality or as bad as what we had feared.”

“Jesus said: ‘Be not afraid’. I have decided to take his advice.”

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