One Big Screen

I have complained a lot about Facebook lately. I like some of the conversations, some are enlightening. I hate the ads. I resent the ads, in fact. I stopped buying magazines because it felt like I was paying someone to manipulate me. But I have to say, once in a while someone sends a video that lights my day. Today, there were two. One was of two babies playing with rubber bands on cabinet nobs. The other of two cats communicating with one another. I laughed. I said “Aaawe…” It was better than church. How much joy children and animals can bring to our lives if we just stop to watch them.

Stop. Clear your mind. Watch. Enjoy. The world is one big screen for your entertainment.


2 thoughts on “One Big Screen”

  1. I saw that one with the babies playing with the rubber bands too. Surprisingly, it was my brother, Dave, that sent it to me and I enjoyed it as well.

    Judy, I have a select list of friends on my face book. They are upbeat, loving, sincere and positive people. We praise, encourage, pray for and uplift each other.

    But, I also need to tell you of two very special buttons on face book. These are used for the people that are always critical and negative. The buttons are called, ‘un-friend’ and ‘block.’ If you need help with filtering, just send me an email and I will be glad to help you.

    Keep smiling cousin.

    1. On another note, I have a friend that recommended a book by Goldie Hawn, called, ‘A Lotus Grows in The Mud.’ Have you heard of it or read it?
      I have been impressed by her other books.


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