Yesterday we went to two birthday parties, both for women friends turning 70. It was a wonderful day. I even enjoyed the drive. The snow predicted didn’t come far enough north to effect the roads we traveled. The cloud cover was thin enough to barely hint of the sun which turned a portion of the skyscape pink. I read portions of my Zinn book to Bernie as we drove. Coming home we listened to “Prairie Home Companion”.

Near the end of the second party, I became aware of the horrid way that I had eaten all day. Not the fault of the party hosts at all. I realized that I’d eaten throughout the day when I wasn’t even hungry. And at both events, I made sure I had a hearty portion of the cakes. When we left the second party, I felt the discomfort as well as disgust with myself. I told Bernie I needed to make a resolve to change.

Today I wrote the resolve in my journal. I created a plan that does not include sweets. It includes three reasonable meals, and planned, healthy snacks when I know there will be long extenses of times between meals. At night in front of the TV…tea or no-sugar hot chocolate only. There now…you know. I’ve come out.