Savoring the last bite

Another new week. How many times have I looked toward a new week? There are ritual activities that make me aware that my time on earth is getting shorter. One is the list I always make at the start of a week of things I need or want to do for the next seven days. Another is when I fill my pill box with my daily vitamins and medications. There is the once-a-week water pick treatment I do on my teeth. Add to these rituals the meetings I attend each week and laundry day, always Monday.

There are the yearly repetitions, too, of course, another Thanksgiving, another Christmas or Easter gone by. Each time we celebrate, the list of future celebration gets shorter. It alerts one to paying better attention. Like the last bit of food at a fabulous meal, the one I want to savor. It is as though each meal were my last, but then…another comes along and it wasn’t after all.