Simplifying Gift Giving

I already wrote about my conversation with my son about decluttering. I like to think we are innocent of contributing to their clutter problem. We always give books to the kids. I know how it is with toys today…and clothes. This was not a problem when I was a kid, at least not in my household. Living with cousins of all ages, we passed clothes on. I was at the bottom of the heap, so I never had to worry about clothes…and I wore a uniform to school. Toys…we had the most important ones… the ones that kept us busy…and they were shared. Tinker toys, Lincoln logs, games, etc. A few personal toys, a doll, a ship building set.

This isn’t what I really wanted to write about this morning. (I am so glad to have time to get around to my writing after Chris’s family has left that I could sit here all day). I really wanted to share with you my brainy idea of yesterday. I wrote it in an e-mail to Wendy this morning, so I will just paste it here:


I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to purchase books for Charlie, Tabitha, Isaiah and Zechariah..3 months worth. When I added up the cost and added what it would cost for postage – yikes. I had another thought. I wrote down the titles and authors and went out to get my PC. I  brought it in to the coffee shop at the store and went to Amazon to check out the cost of new or second-hand copies of the books. For some, there was no postage. So I’d like to try this. I am skittish about ordering used books at this point, though I myself have only gotten 1 or 2  used book that were were less than perfect. I will order the three for your kids and send them to you. I will put in the address who they are for (To…Wendy (Isaiah) Jeub). They will see them come but that is the way it is. It will only increase their anticipation, perhaps. I will send the cards separately. No fancy wrap, but who cares? 

Good time to try something new. I have no problem with them passing the books along…to siblings, friends or Good Will…or selling them on ebay.  I like the idea of keeping the stuff moving.
One more thing. I am open to suggestions. Sometimes a child is reading a series or has talked about a book they are interested in, or a particular topic. The book I ordered for Charlie is about tiny houses…he will love it. But he his near for me to pay attention.
I don’t like the idea of gift cards, by the way. I like a little control over what I choose for them…and a gift card means an extra trip for drivers and possible nagging until the card is used. 

 (I have no clue why the font size changed in these last three paragraphs)

On with my day…hope yours is a good one.