Stepping out of my Groove

It is a get-nothing-done day. Grandson Jackson is here and so far we worked together creating valentines for his friends at day care, then delivered them. I prepared the ones for preschool because he was too tired of the project by then so I did it for him behind his back.

I made little circles with my hair that are held in place with bobby pins. This is the old fashioned way of putting curl in one’s hair. As a result, Bernie will be taking Jackson into the school building because I am too vain to go in with my hair like this. When my mother was young, women walked around all the time with their hair up in bobby pins or curlers with a babushka wrapped around their heads. The babushka was supposed to hide the ridiculous pin-up creation but everyone knew. But no one cared because they were doing it for their husbands who would be walking into the house between five and six.

I never much believed in this fussing to please my husband. I yam what I yam, as Popeye used to say.

But tonight Bernie is taking me to a valentine party and I thought I’d try to look better than the old run of the mill self and step out of my groove.  Bernie on the other hand, I suspect he’ll wear a plaid shirt and jeans. He threw out all his nice shirts and ties the day he retired.