Stuck in a Bucket

I am trying to decide. Should we take the hot air balloon ride next week as planned or wait until spring. My right knee did me in yesterday. I had to prop it high and ice it all day. I think she needs to be replaced. The man who will be our pilot told me that he is not insured for preexisting conditions. I said, “The worst that could happen with a bad knee is that I wouldn’t be able to get out of the basket and you’d be stuck with me.” He didn’t laugh. I asked him if I would be able to sit during the flight. He said he could bring a little five-gallon bucket for me but it occurred to me this morning that maybe I would not be able to look over the edge and see all the trees and houses and roads go by. I understand that one can even communicate with the people walking below you.

That settles it. I will call him today and reschedule the adventure in the spring. Maybe by then I will have a new knee.

One thought on “Stuck in a Bucket”

  1. so sorry, and its a beautiful time of year. Not fun getting old and having to replace parts. I need new below thumb joint, probably next spring. Cortisone shots have helped a lot. (for now) Bet you could find a balloon ride on you-tube for now.

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