Surprise: There really are good movies being made

Bernie and I haven’t been to a movie theater in a long time. We prefer to watch movies in the comfort of our own living room wearing pj’s. It is nice to be able to turn it off if we don’t like it and leaving for a snack or to go to the bathroom is way more convenient. But even at home we don’t watch a lot of movies, especially in the summer. A few days ago, I followed the urge to check out three movies that I’ve wanted to see, “Butler”, “The Book Thief” and “12 Years as a Slave”. All three were about individuals living through some difficult historic times. Acting was amazing. Just thought I’d recommend them…and I am open to others making recommendations.

3 thoughts on “Surprise: There really are good movies being made”

  1. Thanks for sharing! They all look interesting, and The Book Thief was actually available at our local library, so I have a request in for it!

    One of our favorites is “Temple Grandin” based on the true story — and if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend watching the special features with her interview which tells how Temple herself was involved in the filming.

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