Thank the Good Lord it’s Monday

I used to love that song, “Thank the Good Lord it’s Friday”. We sang it in one of my high school choir concerts. Friday is still glorified as the day when work ends, when one can go home and live one’s real life. TGI Friday, the restaurant, echoes this sentament. Wednesday is hump day because, once it is ended, one is closer to Friday. Monday is to be dreaded as one faces work once again…but Friday will come again for those who live through the week.

I wonder what God thinks about this? I don’t thimk God has nothing to do with the naming of the days. Spoken language is a human I would guess that in the beginning, people just did work as it needed to be done. The Sabbath was an invention to allow people to stop working on the same day so that they could all get together at the same time. Then God decided to show up. The idea of community was as much his creation as the individual person. If everyone took a sabbath rest any time it suited them, they would never be spending time as community

But having the gift of sabbath shouldn’t result in people dreading the other days in between. Quakers tried to loose themselves of thinking that there is only one holy day. All days are holy, they believe. They call Sunday “first day” as in “first day of the week.” What most Christians call Sunday School, they call “first day school.”

I was with the Quakers long enough to appreciate their way of seeing. Today is Monday. It is as holy as yesterday was, as holy as any of the other six. My body will be busy…Bernie and I will be working at the Habitat for Humanity Golf outing…but my spirit will be at rest and my community will be those who come to play that silly game and stop to eat at the brat tent where we will serve them communion. God will be there just as he was yesterday when people came together in their churches.

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  1. Don’t you know that since now you are retired, there are 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday? No hump day for retirees!

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