The Yoga of Jesus – Thoughts

The latest book select for the book club I belong to is The Yoga of Jesus by Paramahansa Yogananda. There is a lot to like about the book. I think Param (my short) is correct. Jesus was familiar with eastern thought and took on many teachings that are reflected in his message.  In fact, anyone knowledgeable about religions of the world will see common threads in belief, practice and philosophy. Those who seek commonality among  religions instead of difference are blessed. Param seeks to encourage his readers to practice meditation that he says will lead to peace first of all, then to oneness and finally, for those who are fully dedicated, to bliss.

Coming to the end of Param’s book, I felt something missing. I wrote my thoughts in my journal this morning and I would like to share them with you:

I realize that there is something missing in this book – LOVE.
It speaks of oneness but not of service.
The search for bliss seems selfish to me.
Are we not all called to share the serenity and oneness that we have found first,
before seeking bliss- even instead of it?

Bliss, I think, may be a gift of God.
I don’t think I have received it and perhaps never will.
And yet, I think of moments when I feel true oneness,
especially with nature,
when I can call the trees and flowers and even a blade of grass are my companions.
When I am prodded to listen to critters, birds and four leggeds
for the message they bring.
When a word from a friend, a child, an author strikes me as a word from God,
a revelation, a direction, an assurance, a comfort.

I think about moments when I have peace or serenity,
akin to feelings of oneness.
A stillness in the midst of  drama, often someone else’s drama.
A moment when I am “okay with the world”,
accepting “life on life’s terms”.
Acceptance with a touch of joy.