Theological Threads

Wow,  theological discussions are flying off the shelves. I am talking about the threads on my Facebook page. My son starts a few of these discussions but my granddaughter really gets the engine going. I don’t think Chris has the time or patience for argument any more, but Cynthia thrives on it. It is her dad’s fault, of course. He got her into debate. She’s a good debater and I think debaters seek their own kind.

I don’t mind debate until it becomes more about winning than learning. I can be offended by the tone of debate, too. Tone is usually run by ego unless one is performing and sometimes people like to do that.

MPR has a program I hear aired once in a while. (When I have time, I will to investigate it to get a link.)  It is a debate forum and always takes up a political issue. It is fascinating to hear the different points of view. Participants are extremely qualified and well informed about the issues. It makes one realize the there really are two sides or more to these issues and people can take an opposing position from an intelligent place. It also helps me to appreciate that a person with an opposing view may have some elements of rightness in what they say to which I should to listen. The nature and need for compromise becomes clearer and less ominous. Having said all of this, I question whether those who run our country would make good debaters. That is why they always make their statements in the context where people already agree with them.  Even debate during the election process is tainted by the need to win, not the argument, but the election. Anyone running for office who concedes a point to the opposition is doomed.

But I started this blog talking about theological discussion. Can one debate theology? I used to think so. But I have pretty much abandoned that idea. I do add my two cents into the threads that pop up on my Facebook, now and then, but after a few comments back and forth intent comes into play. I have nothing to offer people who want to win. I don’t care enough to continue the fight. The theology I hold, which is pretty loose, works in my life. It makes me happy and it supports my ability to love, which is all that really matters to me.