Thoughts of Brrrr!

We have some friends who just bought a house on the Mississippi River. We are excited to go today to visit them and see their new abode. They said that they would like to take us on a pontoon ride on the river. It is about 40 degrees with winds about 15 mph. I am thinking of wearing a snowmobile suit.

I wish I were looking forward to the winter. A long lost cousin of mine befriended me on Facebook a while back. I am thrilled when I can reconnect with family members I have not seen for so long. She wrote today that she and her husband have left to go south with their camper for the winter. She has me thinking that her lifestyle is mighty attractive for a couple of 70-year-olds.

One thought on “Thoughts of Brrrr!”

  1. COME JOIN US! Its a wonderful place and a real fun group . Lots about the same age too. WOuld love to have you.

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