Turnover Day

Bernie and I are at the resort. Today, Saturday, is turnover day. Guests that have been here all week pack up and leave, hopefully early. Then the cabins get cleaned for the new guests to arrive some time after three this afternoon. When Kate and Jerry first bought the resort, I was right in there with Kate and the girls. Maddie was eight a the time and Emma only 6. What a shift for them! A dribble of duties at home…make your bed, pick up your clothes, bring your dish to the sink…to a storm of duties…make lots of beds, lug bags of garbage to the dumpster, scrape the grill grates, resupply the cabins with paper products. While they worked on cabins, Jerry and his son Justin readied the boats, cleaned up the grounds, and cut the grass. The older the girls got the more responsibility they took on and the better they got at what they did. This was a good thing, because while they were getting older, so was Grandma, and her ability to do such hard work diminished.

Today, I won’t be cleaning the cabins. Maddie has moved on to her new life. Emma is sixteen and can work faster and more efficiently than I could do when I was at my best. Justin is on his own but helps with some of the more serious jobs when needed. another of Jerry’s sons and his partner have come on board to help.

As for me, I will hang out at Kate’s house washing dirty sheets and folding them to get them ready for next week’s crowd. It is a good job for me. I have always loved doing laundry. Time to end this writing and move on. It will be a good day.