When Writers Meet

Have you ever witnessed toddlers who just meet? They act as though they share a secret…”you are a little human just like me”. Writers are the same way. We are shy about admitting that we are writers, especially if we are not published or sparsely published. But real writers know that being a writer is not so much about being published as about the passion for writing.

I met a writer last night at a social affair. There were about 50 people there but this encounter is the one I will remember. She blurted out that she is a writer in a kind of test-the-water kind of way. That is what we do. Test the water. And we hope that the person we blurted to won’t go crazy with misconceptions. We even went so far as to talk about the type of writing we do.

We are off to the resort today. I am skipping my usual writing time this morning so we can get an early start. But I took the time to check out my new friend’s blog. I noted that she is more adept at formatting than I. That is fine. I let my son do my formatting. Computers and I are reluctant to get overly involved with one another. I don’t blame the computer…I just don’t want our relationship to get serious.