Where Did all the Numbers Go?

When I started blogging over 2 years ago, on the dashboard page there was a place where you could check out how many visitors you had on any given day. My visits ranged from 10 to 50. I couldn’t see any connection between numbers and topic. I think the variation was due more to things like weather. If people are stuck in because of a snow storm, for example, they might want to pass the time visiting blogs.

Weekends had very little activity which I find true of Facebook, too. One would think the opposite. I have wondered about my family’s young people, whether they are using their iphones while on the jobs. I wanted to tell them to stop that and get back to work.

Once in a while there was a big jump in visitors. I was always able to trace that to my son Chris sharing the link on Facebook or on his blog. I told Chris that the numbers don’t matter to me, which is only partly true. Numbers don’t matter in the sense that being popular or known is not only unimportant to me, but bothersome. On the other hand, I do like sharing my thoughts and insights and bringing joy into people’s lives. In fact, the sharing of my thoughts is linked to my “calling”, the reason God put me on the earth.

My dashboard doesn’t want to share numbers with me anymore. I suppose this is best. I think that I should just write and release and go about my day. “Do the next right thing” is a philosphy shared with me by wise friends. Checking to see who is paying attention or how many people are reading my stuff is not “the next right thing” for sure. If someone comments, then responding to that may be the next thing, but who and how many listen to what I have to say is none of my business.