Winning over Charlie Horse

Today’s blog is a quickie. It is almost 2:30 in the afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. We had our Strut Your Stuff event last night in Little Falls. Bernie and I are in charge of the auctions, silent and live. We stayed until after the dinner, auction and dance and helped clean up. Our car is still packed with stuff.

As I was laying in bed at 1 am, I was concentrating on my left foot, trying to keep it in one position so that my leg wouldn’t go off into a full-blown charlie-horse. That is as precise as removing wires from a bomb set to go off. Charlie-horse desparately wanted to zap me and I desparately wanted it no to. If it won, I’d have have to get up and walk around and rub my leg like there is no tomorrow. But I won. I fell asleep.

Today is a do-nothing day. I am only writing this blog because a friend told me last night that she was worried about me when she didn’t see any blogs for several days. Tomorrow, perhaps, I will be able to write something  of substance.