Writing and Art Crawling

I have changed my writing pattern. Since I started blogging, it was my first order of business each morning after coffee cleared the sleepies out. I would do a little reading which often prompted a blog, but any other writing I would do later in the day after chores and errands. Well, this is a lousy thing for a writer to do unless blogging is all they want to do. Once I get past noon, my creativity takes a dive. So about two weeks ago, I chose to work on an ongoing projecty first and do the blog later if there is time. Now I am struggling to do the blog because, as before, my creativity takes a dive. I guess I should have taken writing up seriously when I was much younger.

I am waiting to be picked up by a friend to attend the Art Crawl in St. Cloud. St. Cloud has three or four of these per year, setting a Friday evening aside for artists to strut their stuff on their downtown mall. My daughter Heidi will be there showing her work and a few friends. It is a beautiful summer evening in Minnesota. Perfect.