Up Over – VI

We are coming into the home stretch. The past two weeks babysitting our grandkids have had ups and downs. Downs usually meant Grandma was losing control. Or rather, Grandma  realized she never had control in the first place and she just hadn’t let go yet.

I have to say, though, that downs were the exact downs I had when I was raising my own kids, only multiplied by four. These Jeub kids aren’t any exception to the rule when it comes to trying to wiggle out of work, pretending they don’t hear you, leaving a trail of stuff, not following through, blaming the other kid. While all are guilty none of them do these things all the time. It took me several days to realize if one or two out of twelve is dragging his or her feet, it messes up the whole system. I had to find a way to not take that out on the ten kids who happened to be on board that day. I guess I sort of did.

This morning, Sunday, I went to a meeting where I had my brain readjusted. When I came home Grandpa was asleep on the couch and there was total quiet in the house. I wondered what he’d done with them. I looked out the back door and didn’t see them playing down by the creek. As it turned out,  a few of the olders had gone to church in the Springs and the rest were just doing quiet things. I didn’t know they had quiet things to do and resent the fact that it took two weeks to find this out.

One addition: Happy Golden Birthday, to granddaughter Alissa, who lives down under in Australia with her husband Assad. If there is anything that has made this time in Colorado worth while for Grandpa and I it is to enable your mom and dad spend this special day with you. God bless you, Sweety.