Pope and Kim Davis Meeting

It appears the pope is a bit upset with the bishop who invited Kim Davis to be among those to meet the pope. He was unaware, it seems, of the details of her situation. Along with the others at the meeting, he gave her a rosary and asked her to pray for him. Of course, you all know what the media did with this. Now, it seems, he wants to set the record straight, that his actions in no way endorses her actions or her philosophy…any more than it did for any of the others in the group.

Interestingly, he did have a meeting that was publicized with a gay man and his partner. The man was a long-time friend from Argentina. While their conversation was not made public, the hugs and smiles were there for all to witness.

Pope Frances was raised in and serves the Catholic Church. We know what the teachings of the Church are and he, of all people, take them very seriously. We know the Church’s official stand on abortion, gay marriage, priests being able to marry and on women in the priesthood.  I don’t expect him to change much officially, though I have hopes. But what I do expect is that he will continue to be a peacemaker. His meeting with his gay friend, for example, was an act of love and friendship which serves as a model to us all. The fact that it was made public, I believe reveals the intentionality of his message.

Who knows if the Catholic Church will ever approve the marrying of gay and lesbian couples? I, for one, hope for changes. But, to me the pope’s message is loud and clear: Love unconditionally. Respect and honor the God-child in all.

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