Beach Party

I am once again running around Little Falls getting donations for the silent auction at the annual dinner dance fundraiser  for the Boys & Girls Club. I have been blessed this years to have helpers: Carren, who picks up items promised and is fabulous at following through and making sure records are passed on; Laura, who has taken the responsibility to print up the bid sheets and create a list of donors for publication. These two have taken the most grueling parts of this job and left for me the fun part, the asking. Funny, asking for donations is the one piece no one ever wants to do, but in my sixth year, I find it fun. I love schmoozing with folks who have the time and everyone is curious about the New2You store and the new club. As I go about town, I see that there are scores of businesses that have never been approached. For the most part these are businesses without product to give, but we already have businesses that donate a bought item or cash for the event. I think next year I will seek these out, when I can find someone to do the asking at places that have faithfully given for the past 6 years.

More work to do today…one pick-up is Jordie’s of Bowlus who will donate a gift certificate for a home-made  pie a month for a year. If that doesn’t get you to come to our even this year, I can’t imagine what would. The event this year has a Beach Party theme and will take place on Friday, February 20 at Falls Ballroom beginning at 6:30 PM. Show up hungry.

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    1. What is funny, Cathy, is that it actually fell in my lap…you know, set up a bunch of committees and any one not picked up falls to the chairpersons. I didn’t like the idea of asking for donations either. And I had never ever done anything remotely similar to this before. The one thing I had going for me is that I so believed in the cause. The first year we were in recession, but people were still generous. Some didn’t have a clue what the Boys & Girls Club was and I had to do a lot of explaining. Now they see me coming like a winter blast.

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