Coming up to the Celebration

I realize this morning how soon the days of celebration will be upon us. Friday is Bernie’s and my 50th wedding anniversary. The celebration is on Sunday afternoon, but beginning Friday, family will be gathering and will remain for several days after the event. I am surprised that I don’t really feel tense about this. We chose to keep things simple. No decorating, no band, food is catered, a simple program to thank folks and introduce our family to friends. At this point, no more decisions to make, just a couple of errands. Mostly it will be about family and friends coming together.

This is a far cry from the wedding of 50 years ago. Our wedding was quite typical in a church, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers, pictures, reception hall with a fine dinner, a band and dancing. Polish customs thrown in.

Over the years Bernie and I found our “groove”. Jeans and plaid shirts hang in our closet and most of the time on us. I had to buy dress for the party, not because it was a special event, but because there was none suitable in my closet. We prefer restaurants that serve foods of the non-gourmet categories. We like to travel these days but we are most interested in learning history and how the common folks live in the places we visit. We are open to “fancy” and “sophisticated” if someone wants to drag us along and always find that interesting, but are happy to slide back into our country lifestyle.

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