Dear Doctor, if you are listening…

When I went for my annual physical, I lamented a bit to my doctor some of the maladies of the past year, joint pain being the biggest issue. He said, “Stop getting older.” I love my doctor.

I told him I was a little concerned about my mental state. My creativity has taken a vacation, I told him. I can’t write. He asked me what I write. I told him that I am a blogger. He wanted to know what a blog is. I said, “It is kind of like a column in a newspaper.” He told me that he is going to check out my blog as soon as he remembers to do so and he has time and said he’d leave a comment.

No comment yet, but he got me thinking about what I’d want him to come to the day he pulls my blog up on his computer. For sure, I want him to think of me as intelligent, thoughtful, and witty, traits that never come out during a pelvic exam.

As you might guess, I wrote a blog the next day after my exam and the next one after that.

I don’t know if my writer’s block has ended. But he reminded me that envisioning one’s audience can help stir ideas. I have written blogs hoping that certain members of my family would read them or factions of the community. I have written political blogs in reaction to something posted by a friend to either support their point of view or offer another. I have written opinion blogs that I hoped would sway people who were stuck in a particular way of thinking that I thought to be harmful. Sometimes, I look at the number of visitors I have on a particular day and wonder what these folks are thinking. and whether they include members of my target audience.

Thanks, by the way, to any of you who have let me know what you think, whether in agreement or not. When people disagree, it allows an opportunity to say more about some topic and I pride myself in handling controversy in a respectful manner. Peace, after all, is the theme of my blog and making peace has as much to do with how one speaks as it does with what one speaks.



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