Election Season Again

Election season – Ugh! I will, no doubt us this blog as an expression of my political views. It is one way to participate in the process as we move toward the elections of 2016. I have commented during past election periods as well, but I have set for myself certain guidelines that are reflective of my values.

  1. I won’t attack the character of any candidate.
  2. I won’t address behaviors of candidates that have nothing to do with the office being sought. A person can be guilty of mistakes in his or her relationships and still be good at serving in public office. Check out the history of some of our greatest leaders. Besides, I don’t believe in judging.
  3. I won’t be nit-picky. We all make mistakes. I get weary of the media dwelling on things that most people, including those who do the reporting, have done themselves. I try to consider patterns rather than isolated events. I am open to acknowledging fault (not related to running for office), taking responsility, and change of heart.
  4. I will, as best I can, keep religion off the table. Values of a candidate are important but the source of those values is unique to each individual. Frankly, when a candidate makes a point about their religious association, a red flag goes up for me. It is such a turn off that I find it hard then to listen to what else they have to say.
  5. I already know what issues are important to me and where I stand. I am not a follower and I am not persuaded by the personality or popularity of a candidate. To think I am feels insulting to me.
  6. I am concerned about many things and am not prone to be single issued. This makes it harder to vote but it is the way I am.
  7. It is okay if people disagree with me. I assume that we each see things differently. I think that generally we want the same outcomes but have different ways to go about getting there.
  8. If someone writes a response to one of my political blogs, I will respectfully respond. I see disagreement as an important step toward understanding and thus wiser action. However if a comment is abusive toward me or anyone else, I may just send it into the trash bucket.
  9. Readers may rightfully assume that I favor one party over another. This is because one party generally supports issues of importance to me. But I am not blind. I have some serious differences with the preferred party. On the other hand, on particular issues, I may prefer the position of an opposing party.
  10. If I get too emotional or too hooked into the negativity of the election process, I will probably stop following it for a period of time…for my own sanity and serenity.